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Temple University

What about black family? 
The women betray their brave men, 
for the benefit of little favours and maybe money. 
The man just want the woman to fail 
so he could look big and stronger. 

They always blame each other 
for everything going wrong. 
They always need someone 
else to blame, what a shame. 
That’s why they look ashamed, 
feel hurt and always in pain. 
Because they never want to look 
past food on the table and roof on 
their head under slavish measures; 
It is not good enough. 

They have no respect to their wives, 
and their women none for their husbands 
They have no respect of each other 
since they learn to love 
from a bio-genetic machine. 

They have no respect to nothing 
because they hate their mother, 
because they didn’t see or have a father 
because of the pale men… 
because of … what again? 

Always someone else than self, 
so when black man go; and 
stand for black family and do what 
has to be done, to make it 
successful for the next generation. 

Nevertheless, We Females are the Queens’ 
what that would be without the Kings? 
Since we are delivering them all… 
If not to his jail, it will be in their arms 
Why can’t we keep our Kings? 
Why are we downsizing them all the time?



Females are the Queens’ 
Come on and fire up to it 
without our unity 
The man’s just break us down 
where are we far from 
our nation and Thee Self. 
Please reconsider our siblings 
are sinking fault of awareness. 

While this sheat tempting 
spoiling everything, and 
you refused to do for 
yourself and your family. What 
you are helping the other 
to do at your own expense. 

That’s why we suffer 
Because of the blame, 
we keep feeling the pain. 
That is why is their god dog. 
Because… demon-god loves us, 
he want to succeed to destroy us 
and replace with his new race. 

And no matter what we do 
they want to succeed to their mission. 
Do Black people love 
their lives and family 
the same as the pale they do theirs? 

As now left alone with AMINA 
strength and courage are our side 
We know the Sun protect our morning 
the same the Moon our night. We know that 
our communion with the nature will heal 
our wombs, pains and chronic misery 
But we need to enter ANKHUFURHA 
and reach to the Chamber even once conscious. 

By OMSIRISI Aim N.L.L.L. Olenga 

Containing each, 12 steps integrated composing the frame of the modules. A fee is required per step/session for non members and general public; a deposit is guaranteeing the seat…  Only the members are allowed in the subsequent step/session by donation. Developed for Ebonite racial healing for their internal self, from their mental ignorance  Discovering the everlasting Ebane love, purity and joy.Most of all ANkhufura or BuSsiri services are performed; furthermore the Ancient Teachings also discourse available  to the members. Also writing, reading and discussion groups are organised to promote a tension relief understanding inside race in solving racial issues. 
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HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to go home 
I'm tired of hatred, strife, and love unconquered 
I'm tired of NewRome 
I've had it with Earth 

Stop the world I want to get off 
Nothing new for me under the Sun 
I'm Beauty, i'm Cristal, i'm too soft 
Life ain't no fun and the weight of the world feels like a ton 

People dream here but afraid to move their dreams 
They believe they can't change life 
So me they bore 
No one has any courage it seems 
That which has wings must soar!!!!!!!!!!! 

Stop the world just for me 
It'll only take a second to jumpfree 
To the new world hello! 
To the old world goodbye, a world where the inhabitants don't grow 

Lift me up high!!! 
For me raise that dome!!! 
Believe me, i've learned how to fly!!! 
Take me in your womb, let me ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


For Earth I am no longer fit 
My breath is yours AMINA 
By you only, am I lit 
No breath for me in this arena 

Bring me home from NewRome 
Rescue me AMINA, give me new turf 
For your child Cristal, raise that dome 
I have nothing else for Earth 

In newbirth make me neither male or female 
Make me an ang---------EL 
Take this love and distribute to all, even in hell 
In all her majesty, let Beauty cast her spell 

Set me free 
Take my breath away 
Come for me, set this phoenix free 
Give me newday 

Bring me home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I've stood out, i've shone!!!!!!!!! 
I've survived NewRome, now raise my King Dome!!!!!!!!!!!


1/ Illumination de Saturne 

C’etait comm un reve, 
Illumination de Saturne 
 au-dessus de Neptune, 
Dans mon inclinaison 
de l’eclipse de mes passions 
ces larmes de vagues qui 
accompagnent l’oscillation 
ondulante de ma planete interieure. 

Dur echo au nerf de l’Aigle 
Il aurait fallu que je sois chene 
au cime du nid de l’aigle, 
Avec les reves du hibou pecheur 
il repente ses peches de la veille 
tous ces jeunes massacres afin 
nourrir sa petite famille. 
Penseur percher sur un arbre 
revise ses fautes avant de se 
 presenter au Dieu Vengeur, 
qui la vapeur de ses narines 
brule, brule, brule
iniquite, misericorde, passion 
                              et compassion; 
celui qui n’a ni pitie ni pardon. 

Un Seigneur de guerres, de vengeance 
qui tue sans epargner les justes. 

Nain minuscule que je suis 
que sui-je pour me comparer a lui 
tel qu’un mouvement des vagues nonchalantes 
ravi par l’iniquite des incirconcis. 
Par Aim NLLL. O.

2/ Assez

 Jamais les vagues 
 n'auront la force 
de typhon et souffler 
sur l’espoir de ma vie. 
La cause inexorable 
des vents de plaines arides 
sur les vallees des sillons 
par la neige deposee 
                                en limon. 
 Ces sillons de la peine 
ont marque ma fortune 
sans changer l’air 
de l’atmosphere de ma 
La joie planait sur 
 mon virage, il me faudrait 
seulement m’elever 
au plus haut de mes 
peines, profiter ainsi 
de l’imperturbable vue 
offerte de vie sans sillage.

Confiner a prendre 
ce que je crois 
les consequences 
du reflets de moi-meme 
 me condensent d’alterer 
en modifiant l’expression 
de soi pour valoir. 
Par Aigle Noir


Mother; my journey is so long
So fearfully challenging
So mysterious
Why have you chosen me to be
your witness.
I am in such agony seeking
a royal road to serve you
I so not understand the pains
and pleasures.

Yet I dare not fail you.

Au 3rd 82

By Nattalia 

Dear Global Siblings Ebane, Mutshanga-S-Hue and Blends;

We have enter in a phase of the time that requires care and smoothness, in this place we are on, in this space we need to have all the necessary Ebonite Survival Kit to face the situation that we are in today.  Since the beginning of time it was thought a way to compile and administrate wiseness, knowledge and science in the freeness atmosphere of temperature and pressure.

ANKHUFURHAA had designed then and it is applying for today age of pollution, insanity and global genocide of people of colour. All the signs have announce this time but no one dare to see as it has come as a thief in the middle of the nights and the brides are still waiting while it all gone. Some techniques were thought as aids of the EBANE during the transformation of the labor and terror.

Those painted as black faces or people because portray and called Black since the May 1st, 1776 Bavarian conference’s. Shame, sorrow and misery found home in the EBONITE renamed “Black or Afrikkkan”. 

Our devenir or becoming has escaped from our destiny force by those who were again yesterday Dark Ages 480-1480AD.  Murder, slaughter and rape become suddenly the everyday life of the Negroes… The Negroes and their siblings, the offset of the wrongly labeled as to Negroes recalled on the race that races the race to race...
The Illuminatis and their affiliations went and confis-

 cated the knowledge of what was here before and replaced it with their fiction reality that has generated chaos they still want to maintain even though the time of the changes has began. The Rheziku-Aryans assorted in their so glorified white supremacist the solo responsible of the earth cleansing that is continuing today in many names and forms; that slaughter every single person of colour on the face of the planet earth Panga Agaaya…

In a way to correct and maintain safe and sane life ANKHUFURHAA has to you, what to need to be able to maintain yourself out of the total matrix and the New World order control…

The ARKHŒUAMINA counseling was developed to help everybody from the youth, adult to elders to allow handling life, stress and misfortune.  It is the oldest technique used by Ebony race since the beginning of this time 275 Million years +*+. 

Is there today at doorstep of yours, coming to help you connect with your inner-self and inner-source of ones life. Then with proper Soul Work, and Sound healing re-rooted to the original 

Sound-lingual-print Oneness Sound of Ankh.

Practicing wholistic Thought-Image-Sound therapy will reconnect you to the vast self-healing and creative potential, using simple tools of healing Thought-Sound-Image.

Ebonite breathing funzo, drumming, and sacred drum-dance practice. So, Executing consigned postures to energise oneself.
  Learning how enhancing your life force energy through the old wisdom /wiseness of sacred sexuality healing called ZlANkhi or Zalana- AnkhImana. Certain discoveries setting of the purest Energy of the Spiritual-Sexuality, likewise the mental-heart secret counseling, private session for couples. Also Energy massage healing therapy and or Aromatherapy.

Increase your vitality – relieve pain, stress, and tension, improve imposture. Aid communication integrated into movement, inertia, sound, silence, relaxation, and excitation. Increase your self-love, self-confidence, esteem, charisma, leadership, creativity, success and entrepreneurship will rise to benefit the future generations. 

Most of all, our programs are for those discriminated by the psychologists, judges, psychiatric, sociologist, priests, policeman, teachers, criminologists, doctors, social workers, and nobody else could do anything with…

All those called chronic junkies, long-stand prostitute, pimps, long-standing recidivist criminals, downtrodden, down-and-outs all that race of criminal or guilt by default. They can succeed life out of lowers.

ARKHŒUAMINA fourth stream module “Ebony designed counseling programs”: This Ebane programs are designed to suit ebonite collective needs. Strictly Arkhan, no western method added, no medication involved entirely verbal.

Five methods are taught to those in need... and support is offered from those in trouble:

A- Mpingo Kujijua Awareness.

B- Ebane Kujiunga Awareness. 

C- Mpingo Ujaama Awareness.

D- Ebane/ Mpingo Uwekevu Awareness.

E- Ebane meditation, discussion, and healing group no charge….





Containing each, 12 steps integrated composing the frame of the modules. A fee is required per step/session for non members and general public; a deposit is guaranteeing the seat…  Only the members are allowed in the subsequent step/session by donation. Developed for Ebonite racial healing for their internal self, from their mental ignorance  Discovering the everlasting Ebane love, purity and joy.Most of all ANkhufura or BuSsiri services are performed; furthermore the Ancient Teachings also discourse available  to the members. Also writing, reading and discussion groups are organised to promote a tension relief understanding inside race in solving racial issues. 

Debates, discussions, 
and meditation session 
services will be offered 
to the subscribed 
members. To anticipate 
the trauma release and 
the get ready to after Y2K.
  • Ankhufura or Netura teachings and services are are based on individual or collective awareness and generous donation is solicited. 
  • How to maximise into racial love healing awareness? Are-you, among Ebonite descendant; who have difficulty to handle stress, lack of employment…?  Loss of loved one, lack 

of  resource for Ebony ventures? 

Does your 
youths have integration problems in Caucasians school systems; troubled behaviour problems, teenage crisis and so on?

Have you lost hope in succeeding in your life venture, or business project? 
Have-you lost hope and despair over raising a strong confident and self-assured youth in the ghetto communities? Difficult 

 to learn finding a right partners…? Difficulty finding a relief; from general collective discrimination? Looking @venues to building a strong community? Are you looking @ways to resolve the chronic poverty in the global black community?Have you lose hope in finding answer to “Ma, Pa those kids… they called me again the “N” word…What can I do it didn’t matter to be nice. 
We can help you finding answers that will make 
your child confident & of whom she/he is. 

Those in need of a 
comforter, a counsellor, 
a coach, or a listener take 
a look @t these 
programs. Designed by Ebane for all HueMni 
or Ebonite, Mutshanga-S-Hue pure Blends, the 
Loho-Blends and Caucasians descents, which 
time tested a true.
  • Ankhof:  You must know where you are 

  • coming from before you know where you 
    are going…!
  •  Where did you lost your soul? And 

  • exchange it with ignorance, learn to 
    study your Deity 
    because Its domaine
    is purity and harmony...
4/ DAD 

Such a child you are
Ripened with preservation.

You taught me
to be free.
To be me.

Like a seedling bursting it’s way to existence
I have grown.

Reforming to the child I am and always
will be.

Mar 21st 81


Spiritual Ring "Mass"

Thank you for all those who will be following our 
discussions here. The goal we have for this place 
is to have a room where finally we could be able 
to empty our chest from the pain and sorrow. 
Then we could learn to cry in public without 
shame and starting the soul healing.
We need a psychic, psychologic, moral, sexual and 
spiritual healing... the time to heal is now, as we are 
going deep in the prophecy. Many don't see that it 
has been fulfilled and today it it is here in your door-
step; asking if you're ready for the ride or you just 
waiting the slaving contract you signed for eternity 
with your highly whitey brotherhood. As we know 
that we have been here more than 8.06Billions 
years since the birth of  the first Ebane child on 
Mhomhaa Pngh gya.
'Arise you impressive people you have
made the world. It's time to reshape it'

Lynch Law by Ida